Boat Slip Maintenance

For Boat Slip Owners at Marina Bay

Maintenance contract/yr which would include annual spring/summer maintenance needed such as greasing,inspection of cables,motor unit,etc(whatever you see fit needed in maintenance contract)

Turner Building charges $45 per slip to service the lifts at the community dock at Golfer’s Crossing.  That includes the normal lubrication and lift inspection.  If cables are twisted, need to be replaced, etc, we make a list of those items and report it back with the invoice for the work completed.


Drip pan install $250.00 when in the area
Remote prices/installation $675 for the GR1 and $975 for the GR1A that has automatic upper and lower limits
Cable/pulley replacement $525 to replace the cables and add $150 if the slip has an automatic boat cover
Ladders for slip $300 to replace the wooden ladders
Motor replacement cost $480 to replace the motor, control and wiring harness


Jason M. Turner, President
Turner’s Building, Inc.
P.O. Box 26, Union Hall, VA  24176
540-576-2678  Office
540-537-0289  Mobile