Checklist For Leaving Your Condo For An Extended Period Of Time

While every attempt has been made to make the following information helpful, relative and accurate, responsibility and risk for the use of this data rests with you, the condo owner.  The information below is a suggestion only.

  1. Move patio/deck furniture indoors. Bring in anything located outdoors that may blow around in a heavy storm. Any damage done to windows and screens by blown items including blinds is the owners responsibility.
  2. Lock patio/deck doors and porch screens. You make want to install wood dowel in tracks to restrain sliding doors and windows.
  3. Properly dispose of any bags of garbage.  Spray waste baskets and garbage cans with Lysol or other disinfectant spray.
  4. Dispose of items that have accumulated over the summer.  Recycle those newspapers, bottles, plastic  and aluminum cans.
  5. Remove the vacuum cleaner bag and replace with a fresh one. Replace any water filters with clean ones.
  6. Clean outdoor GRILL.
  7. Make sure your condo is keyed through the property manager. He/She will check on the inside for leaks, infestations, HVAC and Cable service, and pest control.
  8. Your HVAC is serviced in the spring and fall to make sure it is working properly and in good condition.  The thermostat should be set at 45-50 for winter and 80-85 for summer when no one is there. This is recommended to do whatever we can to avoid mold.
  9. Make sure the stove is off.
  10. Make sure any food items that could rot or draw bugs are thrown away.
  11. Clean your dishwasher thoroughly, paying attention to the edges of the door.  Blot up any residual water in the bottom after you run your last load.
  12. Thoroughly clean all appliances. This means everything. Don’t forget the toaster, blender, mixer, microwave oven and range (including oven and broiler, as well as burners and drip pans).  Any food particles or residue can attract pests.
  13. Remove all perishable food from refrigerator.
  14. There are two things you can do with the refrigerator. One is to leave it empty, unplugged, making sure the icemaker water supply is OFF, and prop the door open.  The second idea is to turn the dial to the warmest setting, turn off the icemaker and fill both the freezer and refrigerator with jugs of water.  Some who use this method recommend placing baking soda inside to absorb odors. If you decide on this option do not turn off the circuit breaker.
  15. Do not put bleach tablets in the toilet tank.
  16. Shut off the breaker for the hot water heater.
  17. Turn off water valves to washing machines, dishwater, sinks, and toilets.
  18. Turn off breakers for all circuits not needing power.
  19. Make sure the washing machine is fully drained so mold will not grow.
  20. Unplug TV’s, any small kitchen appliances, stereo. DVD player, computer, power strips, or anything that has a “Sleep” mode.
  21. Make sure all windows are closed and locked.
  22. Some people recommend leaving ceiling fans on at the lowest setting, to promote air circulation.
  23. Do not at anytime have gas cans with gasoline kept around the condos.
  24. Propane gas canisters for grilling are acceptable but must be turned off at the canister when not in use.